Argentina and Chile with Ingrid Reyes and John Jackson

Buenos Aires

Discover the magnificent capital of Argentina: Buenos Aires.

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Travel with Ingrid and John

Ingrid Reyes

Hola, I’m Ingrid Reyes and I’ve been on an incredible journey of wine fueled by my unwavering passion. I live in Los Angeles, and I split my time between the vibrant wine country and the picturesque Napa Valley. My wanderlust has also led me to call Florence, Italy, New York City, and La Jolla, CA, my temporary abodes.

My affair with wine began at a surprisingly young age, but let’s keep that between us, shall we? Sparkling wine was my first love, and from there, my passion for all things wine blossomed. I’ve quenched my thirst for knowledge and fine wines by exploring the world’s most renowned wine regions. From Napa Valley, Santa Barbara, and various California gems to extensive travels through France, Italy, Austria, Germany, South Africa, Argentina, and Australia, I’ve had the privilege of meeting extraordinary winemakers and learning from the very best.

Wine isn’t just a passion for me; it’s my way of life. This deep-rooted love led me to join forces with M&A Creative Agency USA, a globally recognized, multinational award-winning creative advertising agency specializing in the wine and spirits industry. As the Partner/CEO for North & South America.

In essence, wine is no longer just a part of my life; it’s my life. I’m living my best wine life 24/7!

Cheers to the journey ahead, and I can’t wait to share it with you in Argentina!

John Jackson

Meet John Jackson, also known as @AttorneySomm, a prominent figure in the legal world as a data privacy and intellectual property attorney at an AmLaw 200 law firm. However, his passion extends far beyond the courtroom.

John is a distinguished wine expert, accomplished author, and a savvy social media creator and strategist. His captivating journey into the world of wine led him to a featured role in the acclaimed documentary “In the Dark Wine Sea,” a captivating exploration of Cretan wine culture. His wine-related insights have graced the pages of prestigious publications such as Forbes and Texas Lawyer. Furthermore, John is a sought-after guest on various wine-related podcasts and even had a dedicated episode on JCB Live.

As a social media influencer, John’s reach is impressive, with a dedicated following on Instagram (29,300+ followers), YouTube (8,200+ subscribers), and Twitter (5,000+ followers). His engaging content keeps wine enthusiasts and novices alike captivated.

John’s dedication to wine education is equally commendable. He holds the prestigious level 4 DipWSET wine certification with merit from the Wine Spirit Education Trust (WSET), in addition to achieving levels 1, 2, and 3. He has also earned a coveted Wines of Georgia Certification. But John’s wine education goes beyond the classroom; it’s a hands-on experience. He’s explored over 300 wineries in more than 60 different wine regions worldwide, absorbing the essence of each terroir and varietal along the way.

In the legal realm and the world of wine, John Jackson, @AttorneySomm, is a true connoisseur and an inspiring presence. Join him on his remarkable journey through the realms of law and wine, where his expertise and passion harmoniously blend.

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